(Saward Ė 3 June 2003)



Iím not the kind who has no mind, who has no point of view.

When life is tough I donít just suffer, I can make do.

But thatís not the same as courage, something that I never

Had, but they possess:

Those few.


Why is it only some? The lucky ones: the kind that dares.

And why not me, why canít I see beyond my nightmares?

Something in them makes them stand up high and face down all danger.

Chosen members of

Those few.


Right from my childhood, from the start

I took the easy path of failure.

So when it matters I betray her.

When I meant love.

When I meant heart.


Now Sapphiís gone, I must decide

Can I so easíly be cast aside?

Just once, could I be

One of the few?

Who perseveres

Who faces fears; and comes through.

The choice is stark: into the dark and face the Count again,

Or run away, forget today, admit itís in vain.

Nothing waits for me in London Town, I have no roots,

My family and friends:

So few.


Thereís only one thing I desire

To leave without her would be madness.


(puts hand on heart)


But all I have in here is sadness.

When I need fight.

When I need fire.


So tell me, God, Iím asking you

Why canít I be a hero too?

This day could I be

One of the few?

Nothing to lose.

I want to choose truly:


These years of running scared are through!

I hear the music; itís my cue.

Iím not just one of many cowards in the world.

I know itís in me to be one of the few.


(shouted over the closing note)


Hold on, Sapphi! Iím coming to get you!