Fate picks her cards harshly -

Unfeeling when dealing.

Losing my father left

Me reeling, freewheeling -

Missing affection

And needing direction;

I often thought I was to blame.


Now I am older

Iím still aching, still shaking

Left with a heart that is

Still breaking, but faking.

Blurred recollections

And cold introspections

Are haunting my life to this day.


Seems that love will only bring me pain

So I vow Iíll not be hurt again;

Without him, my life is incomplete

Sharing all his former glories, happy days and warming stories.††††††††††††††††††

When at once I felt my childhood end

I was left without my favírite friend.

I was left with just past pleasures;

Of warm days with no half measures.

Of a time with nothing else to fear.

But I see why I was left behind;

For there was a truth you were compelled to find;

You heart lives in my mind

My first love.