(Maestro, please!Come on, come on - stop tuning up!)


When cash is scarce and you are poor

And wolves are growling at your door.

Nothing in lifeís coming free(yes, yes, come on)

And all of your life seems to be sung off key:



I have a dream that I am rich

And life goes by without a hitch.

Iíll be an ostentatious buyer

Hereís the things that Iíll acquire:


My gravy boat will be a yacht

Some birds that cheep but cost a lot

A sequinned hat to show Iím flash

Iíll paint coins scarlet so I have reddy cash!


The steak I eat will be so rare

That if you look it wonít be there.

No common cold, my cash Iíll flout

When I am ill, Iíll have the gout


A dress wonít be just what I wear†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Iíll also have one in Mayfair.

No more garlic, thatís shallots.

ĎCos I want money and I want to have lots.


Iíll have my gowns washed in a ditch

To prove Iím really filthy rich!

I think Iíll buy up several banks

For once, itís them whoíll give me thanks!


Foreign authors Iíll digest

Though Czech books are what I like best.

When youíre rich fun never ends

I want money Ďcos it brings dividends.



Some things nice, Mother

Donít have a price, Mother;

Itís people not things that make life.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Who cares what stuff we donít get to own?

Weíve got each other and weíre rich because weíre not alone, so

Canít you see, Mother,

Weíve each got each other?

Weíre wealthy despite the strife.

Simply, Iíve got you and youíve got me right here.

I like things inexpensive but dear.



Banknotes for loo-roll is my plan

It shows that Iím flash in the pan.

A walk-in wardrobe on two floors

So big, thereís bouncers on the doors.


Sharp running shoes will cut a dash

Itís sprint not skint thanks to my stash.

All my money stored in sacks



You want money - but just think of the tax!


Folks with a fortune great

Can be unfortunate

Hereís just a few of the ills:

Burglars and muggers and begging friends

Those viílent shocks and scares of stocks and shares that never end, so


When youíre so well-to-do

Things can be hell to do:

All those insurance bills!

So think how youíll feel when youíre at Ascot next year.

Youíve made it, but all your friends are back here.


COCO (slightly more reflective).

The point youíre making seems to be

Iím rich with love from you to me Ė



From me to you. Itís us that counts

Much more than any cash amounts.


The things in life for which Iíve prayed

Should not be wealth and bills all paid.

You canít judge things by what they cost

Just think when your dear dad was lost.


So Sapphi, dear, I must agree

That the best things in life are free.

Love you, darling , youíre my kid -

But we need money... can you lend me ten quid?