Pantomusicals, original gothic pantos by Thos Ribbits and Tim Saward

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So what are pantomusicals all about?

We love panto, and our mission is to take it to the next level. We believe in:
  • using the latest digital technologies to achieve more impressive visuals within the budgets of all kinds of groups
  • unconventional source material to make stories with bite that get the attention of families
  • original songs with witty lyrics, instead of repackaged chart material
  • preserving all the traditional strengths of panto, like corny gags, audience participation and damery.
We're now on to our third pantomusical, and at the moment are concentrating on shows that fit the Halloween holiday slot (who says panto is just for Xmas? Not us!). Two shows have been completed and produced so far, with a third coming in the next couple of years.

We also believe in making our work as available as possible in the next few years, so we are charging NO fees to amateurs to put on productions of Dracula or Jekyll & Hyde. Please contact us (details below) if you would like to stage a production anywhere in the world.

We are also open to commissions for similar work. Give us an email, and we'll happily consider proposals for theatre projects, songwriting or whatever. We draw the line at painting lines on roads, tho. By all means phone to discuss budgets, but for a full-length show (full script and ten or so songs to your specification) we would charge around 2K. A set of ten songs would be around 1K and we will also look at smaller (or larger) projects.

Hear Tim and Thos talking on the MusicalTalk podcast about the art of panto:


Tim Saward Composer, Lyricist, Scenarist/Producer
Tim Saward

Tim trained at Queen Mary Westfield and the Central School of Speech and Drama and more recently graduated with distinction from the MA in Musical Theatre, Goldsmiths, University of London. He has written a series of audio productions as well as pantomusicals, and also works on 'regular' musicals. He is a professional writer associate and the Programme Co-ordinator of Mercury Musical Developments in the UK. He is also a regular host and co-producer of MusicalTalk, the independent UK musical theatre podcast. With pantomusicals and his other projects he is a pioneer of the art of the all-projected animated set.

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Thos Ribbits Scriptwriter, Lyricist, Producer
Thos Ribbits

Thos has been writing comedy scripts for many years, starting with some amateur successes on hospital radio and university radio stations in Britain and in Australia. He has since written sketches and comedy songs which have been performed across London and the South East by a number of cabaret performers to enthusiastic audiences, including recently HRH The Princess Royal. He writes for humour magazines on an occasional basis, most recently for The Chap, and is also a co-producer and regular presenter on MusicalTalk, the independent UK musical theatre podcast, as well as being a Writer Associate of Mercury Musical Developments.

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Jonathan Pease

Jonathan did all the arrangements for Dracula and Jekyll & Hyde, is a composer in his own right and plays a wide variety of instruments.

  Digital Artist, Animator
Lucy Izzard

Lucy worked with us on the digital show for Jekyll & Hyde shortly before winning the BBC Young Animator of the Year award.

  Digital Artist, Animator
Matt Latchford

Matt worked with us on the digital show for Jekyll & Hyde and now lectures at Kingston University in animation. | More at

Darren Izzard

Darren created the technology that underlay the sound for Jekyll & Hyde. He's a freelance games developer and composer.